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With over5,000+ Users and counting, Versatile is the most complete and trusted range of Foundry Sand testing equipment on the market.

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Foundry Sand Testing Equipment from Versatile is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily test sands in Lab as well as Shop floor. But that’s not all, when you buy an Equipment from Versatile you will also get the most amazing customer support around!
  • User friendly equipment
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Reliable results
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What Else Does Versatile do? We’ll Tell You!

Versatile is in the field of manufacturing FOUNDRY SAND TESTING EQUIPMENT since 1966.
The company researches, designs, manufactures & sells Foundry Sand Testing Equipment required for Foundries and Technical Institutes.
The equipment are sold all across the globe through a wide spread network of dealers and agents.
Versatile is Pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing of Foundry Sand Testing Equipments required for Foundry Industry. Company has provided import substitute in India by developing these equipments. At present Versatile Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leader in this field having 4100 unique customers in India as well as abroad.
A wide range of testing equipments covering most of the sand types used in foundry industry today. E.g: Green sand testing, shell sand testing , Air set (No bake) Sand testing,Resin coated sand testing, Cold box sand testing, Hot box sand testing,CO2 sand testing, Other varieties of sand testing.
We are in the business of engineering components & assemblies, material testing equipment & automation systems, ensuring stability, growth & sustained profitability of the organization. This will be achieved through sensing latent needs, fostering innovation in empowered employees with a philosophy of making life simpler for mankind.
Ethical dealings with all stake holders
Empowered Teamwork
Wonderful Users & Counting
Calibrations Every year
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Hours of Development

Variety of Parameters to check to avoid defects

  • Complete range to check Incoming quality of Materials
  • Computer interface that can do away with wireless data transmission
  • Advanced Equipment to trouble shoot critical castings
  • Equipment that let you choose the right combo of Raw materials for excellent results during development
  • After sales support that, will not let you down
  • Accurate, Precise & Reliable
  • 47 Years of Experience in Research, Design & Manufacturing
  • Join the 5,000+ user community and see why everyone loves Versatile!
State of Arm new tech to check strength of variety of sands. Can be used for Compression, Tensile, Transverse, Shear strength testing